The waiter we had was as professional as it gets....made it fun. Most importantly the **food was fantastic**! Even the bartender was on point!
— T.R, Dec 19, 2016

From the minute we walked in the experience was as close to perfect as a restaurant experience can be!! Crab cakes were huge, filet mignon was cooked perfectly and the prime rib was very tender and flavorful. The sides, sautéed mushrooms, green beans roasted with garlic and the mac and cheese were incredible! The twice baked potato was HUGE and very good! The homemade ice cream (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry) was creamy and delicious. The bread was fresh and I really appreciated the 3 different varieties served. My only complaint would be that we had to ask for the bread after the salads had been served. House salads were fresh, lettuce was nice, green and crispy. The service was good, even for it being less then a week open they were adequately staffed and all employees were very friendly and efficient. Hamilton Walkers you did not disappoint and I will be back soon for sure!!!
— K.C Dec 18, 2016

Enjoyed a birthday dinner with friends at the Chef’s table with great food and drinks in a nice environment. We were too stuffed to try desserts but they looked amazing. Definitely will go back and highly recommend it...just remember to be kind and patient as they get going...they have a complex operation with lots of moving parts, so give them some time to get it all worked out in the real world and just enjoy being a part of the experience. Congratulations!
— J RF, Dec 15, 2016

Had a 5 star time tonight. The staff was incredible, and I want to personally thank Jason for recommending the Hemingway cocktail - it is my new favorite, Josh for showing us a wonderful time at the bar, and Thomas for giving us a tour of the restaurant and making us feel welcome in this great new addition to the CU.
— KB, Jan 2, 2017

I have been here 3 times now and each time I’m feeling better and better about this addition to Downtown Champaign. My wife and our friend, party of 4 visited the hustle and bussel of this place last night for dinner. YES, we were there for a while but the appetizers, entrees and desserts were great. Our server was friendly and made great suggestions. The prime rib and bread pudding were top notch. Another great meal here and the experience was very up beat. We love it, and are already calling friends to plan our next visit. Kudos to Hamilton Walkers!
— FM, Dec 29, 2016

My family and I chose to come during the week and at lunch for our first visit because eating out with 2 toddlers can be unpredictable. We were not alone as there were several other guests with their young children dining too.Service: Carlos was great; attentive and professional. We ordered in a timely manner and he refilled our drinks without having to be asked and checked on us often. Food came out without any issues. Food: Being lunch I had a burger which was very juicy and cooked well. I loved the bread and the juiciness of the burger . The children’s menu had a good selection of protein options (ribs, chicken, burger, fish plus a side); my daughter chose the 1/4 chicken (baked and so moist) and green beans (which were fresh and sauteed with garlic) plus she got to pick a dessert. I also had a bowl of the lobster and crab bisque which was very good, honestly I only got a couple bites because I shared with my husband and he devoured most of it. Overall: I enjoyed the dining experience at Hamilton Walker’s. I hope that people will give them a chance because it’s just opened and working out their issues during a busy holiday season.
— MM, Dec 27, 2016

Had a very good dinner at Hamilton walkers everyone there is very nice and friendly we will be back soon.
— DT, Dec 15, 2016

Thank you HW for a wonderful experience and of course a perfect dinner for my birthday. We will be there for dinner once again real soon.
— ES, Dec 14, 2016

You should be very proud of what you have created. Atmosphere is incredible...a step back in time...the excited to try and and you exceeded our expectations...well done!?!
— D G, Dec 14 2016

We had our first dinner here tonight. Beautiful vista; and very cozy for such an open space. The staff was well trained. First, props to the bartender; I had a ‘Bee’s Knees’ martini and it was perfectly made. The lobster bisque & spinach salad w bacon dressing were above reproach. The prime rib was the best we’ve had in many years. Everything was very comparably priced to most of the other restaurants in town of similar quality. We will definitely be back and next time we’re staying for coffee and dessert.
— DM, Dec 14, 2016

Had fantastic drinks, appetizers, sandwiches , dessert and coffee correto....delish with perfect service! And we were stuffed and still took home bags of food....oh yeah....the breads are amazing!
— LPT Dec 14 2016

We had a wonderful dinner at Hamilton Walker’s this evening. He insisted Niko come with us and is waking up at 3:30am to then drive us to Indy so Niko and I can catch our flight to Dallas, Texas. I’ve never had anyone take care of us like this...and I’m so grateful. ❤️ Now, feast your eyes on how we rocked these Oysters Rockefeller. #OysterAftermath #SoThisIsLove!
— TP Dec 14 2016