The Search for the Best Cheesecake

Article by Smile Politely on January 18, 2017

Hamilton Walker’s

The New York cheesecake with fresh berries ($8.95) is a massively thick slice of cheesecake heaven. It’s a shareable dessert that could satisfy two or three people easily. The filling is creamy and dense almost like a custard, and the crust is reminiscent of a tender sugar cookie. One of the best things about this cheesecake is that the buttery crust climbs up the back of the cake. To top it all off, Hamilton Walker's adorns the cake with fresh berries. The recipe is based on a famous cheesecake that hails from Chicago.

Hamilton Walker’s is located at 201 North Neil Street Champaign. Click here to read more.

The Legend of Hamilton Walker's

Article by At Home in Central Illinois, January 2017

The much-anticipated Hamilton Walker’s Steaks, Seafood and Spirits is open in the heart of downtown Champaign at 201 N. Neil St. It is named for the Walker Opera House and the Hamilton Hotel, which operated in the very same location. The recent addition to downtown endeavors to be a gathering place for those who want fine dining.

The restaurant atmosphere is a 1940s style decor enhanced by a historically fictional character, Hamilton Walker. “The Legend of Hamilton Walker’s — an alternate history,” is historical fiction. The restaurant is what the fictional Walker would have created if he were indeed real. It’s hard to believe that this man did not exist! The creators of the fiction used period pictures and facts from the Champaign-Urbana area to produce the dapper Walker, who is an amalgam of many who lived in Champaign, circa the 1940s. Click here for more.

Hamilton Walker's Plan to Open Mid-Month

Article by The News-Gazette, December 2 2016

CHAMPAIGN — Hamilton Walker's Steaks, Seafood & Spirits is planning to open either Dec. 12, 13 or 14.

Renovations to the building at 201 N. Neil St. are nearly complete, and over 100 employees are currently being trained, project manager Eric Feltman said.

"Our true focus right now is on training," he said.

The chef has been training the kitchen staff, which has been producing items consistently, Feltman said.

"We start our mock services on Sunday night," he said. "I'm absolutely excited and very positive. Our staff is really, really wonderful, and we know the town is excited. It's so enjoyable to see how far we've come." Click here to read more.

Hamilton Walker’s Opening Approaches


The much anticipated Hamilton Walker’s steakhouse, opening in Champaign Fall 2016, is well on its way to opening day! The restaurant will be a 40’s inspired steakhouse built in the heart of Downtown Champaign.

The history behind Hamilton Walker’s is just as rich as the decadent food. It was once Walker’s Opera House and was later opened as the Hamilton Hotel. The great minds behind this exciting new venture are very intent on keeping the history of the place alive.

Although I told you earlier that the opening date would be in late July, like it is with most restaurants, the early opening date is just a projection. Generally adding a month or two or three is the norm in the restaurant world. Now they are headlong into construction and hiring has begun in full force. If you love food and want a fun and inspiring place to work, this is your place! Hurry to the website today and take a look at the exciting jobs available.

Construction is well underway at the site. Just today a very special delivery arrived. The brand new one of a kind Hamilton Walker’s marquee sign! It has been affixed to the front of the restaurant in all of its shining glory.

I can’t wait to share all of the post party fun with you guys! More soon…