Hamilton Walker's pays homage to our iconic location and to the history, community, and spirit of Champaign.

Constructed as an armory in either 1881 or 1884, the building was acquired and transformed into the Walker Opera House, the first legitimate theater in the area which became the epicenter of arts and culture in Champaign.

Over the next three decades until 1914, the building transformed from opera house to vaudeville hall, movie theater to venue for high school dances and graduations, assembly site for big game victories to thriving downtown hub. 


In 1917, the Hamilton Hotel was erected on the same site and enjoyed years of prosperity. Many still remember the fire of 1977 that took the top two floors of the hotel which then began a new life as Chicago Title and Trust.

Hamilton Walker's is a tribute to Champaign's history, to the spirit of Champaign, and to its community---past and present.